Muskoka Attractions

There is a lot to do when it comes to Muskoka Attractions. The biggest attraction is Algonquin Park, a beautifully preserved natural wildlife area that offers hiking, biking, canoeing, bird-watching, wolf howls, and other unique experiences. On top of those activities, if you want photos that really capture the landscapes of Muskoka there are several lookout towers around us. If you would like something a little indoors, Huntsville offers museums and historical places that are sure to pique your interests. You can always stay with us and enjoy our attractions, go swimming in our lake or hike through our trails. There are so many activities for tourist to take part in that will surely bring out the nature lover in you.

Winter at Algonquin Park

Winter at Algonquin Park And the surrounding area has a lot to offer when it comes to winter activities. You'll find [...]

Ragged Falls

Ragged Falls Provincial Park Ragged Falls Provincial Park is about 8 km from our doorsteps, on the way to Algonquin Park, [...]

Dorset Ontario

Dorset Ontario, Canada Is a small town or you might want to call it a village, with approximately 400 residents but [...]

Deer On The Property

Deer On The Property! Yes, the deer's on Spring Lake and on our property is not strange event. Because we’re so [...]

Muskoka Snowmobile Trail

The Snowmobile Trail Is the 77 Muskoka Snowmobile Trail, which is one of the Algonquin Snowmobile Trail, basicly is right at [...]

Bigwin Boat Tour

Bigwin Boat Tour Also docked in Dorset, The Bigwin Steamship, better known in the early days as “Ella Mary” is open [...]

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Spring Lake Resort

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