Project Description

Bigwin Boat Tour

Also docked in Dorset, The Bigwin Steamship, better known in the early days as “Ella Mary” is open to public boat tours as well as small private functions and special events, such as the BBQ day or Father’s day beer tasting cruise, from June to October.

The Bigwin Steamship is a 66’ cruise ship with an 11’8” beam that has a very interesting history, which started in the early 1900’s all the way to its restoration days in 2002 and beyond.

Although, not a steamship anymore, which is now propelled by an electric motor, if you are into marine museum, boats and so on, the Bigwin in Dorset Ontario, Canada is for you.

As we are located exactly in the middle, halfway through from Huntsville to Algonquin Park West Gate on Hwy 60, The Bigwin in Dorset is only a short 15-minute drive away from us going south on Hwy 35.

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