Project Description

Ragged Falls Provincial Park

Ragged Falls Provincial Park is about 8 km from our doorsteps, on the way to Algonquin Park, going east on Hwy 60. This is a beautiful waterfall and a nice path leading to it through the forest. If you are on the water on Oxtongue Lake, you can get into the fall from the water site where it goes down from the fall into the lake. It’s a site-seeing landmark that all tourists want to see on the way to visiting Algonquin Park.

Algonquin Outfitters is a store that provides everything you need for the outdoor adventures. You can rent just about anything from canoes, kayaks, and all gear for portaging, to the Fatbikes that will take you where a normal bike cannot.

Algonquin Outfitters is conveniently located about five minutes away from Spring Lake Resort right on Oxtongue Lake, which is about 3 minutes before Ragged Falls Provincial Park. You can launch the canoe and kayaks on Oxtongue Lake or they will deliver anywhere in the park.

You sure can venture out on your own, but Algonquin Outfitters also have guided tours on Oxtongue Lake and other lakes in the park if you prefer to do it with the guide. They organize nature and wildlife tours in the spring, summer, and fall, ski and snow tours in the winter.

Algonquin Park has 21 hiking trails, many biking trails, and one biking tour.

There’s also another similar rental store with complete outfitting, canoe rental and so on, about 25 minutes away from our doorsteps on Hwy 60 called, “The Portage Store” located on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park that you might want to check out.

Here’s another link on Tripadvisor where you can find things to do in Algonquin Park.