Project Description

Deer On The Property!

Yes, the deer’s on Spring Lake and on our property is not strange event. Because we’re so close to Algonquin Park and located near the heart of Muskoka, we are constantly seeing wildlife even in our backyard. In the winter months it’s not uncommon to see deer walking over our frozen lake. Sometimes you can see them right outside the restaurant window. Moose are much more uncommon but you still have a chance to find one in the winter.

In the warmer months we are always seeing woodland creatures like squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, and more, but the wild life does not stop there. In the summer months you can hear wolves howling during the nights and on the quieter nights, you can hear the harmonious chirps of crickets and the undertones of frogs that give you the relaxing atmosphere of a summer’s night. In the fall, Algonquin Park, turns into various shades of beautiful colors and there are plenty of bird species to be witnessed. No matter the time of year, if you’re looking to find some life in the wilds, come stay with us!

Who knows, you might even get to feed a deer, a squirrel or maybe even a chipmunk! Whether it’s winter or summer, if you like nature, our little part of heaven, might be a place you’d like to stop.

Muskoka Ice Fishing

Let us not overlook ice fishing. Muskoka Ice fishing is one of the most popular activities here, and there is nothing like spending some hours on the lake and being able to walk back to your warm, comfortable room, or join us for drinks and dinner in the restaurant. If you want grand Muskoka fishing, it’s right out our door and a short walk across to wherever you think the fish are waiting for you.

Let’s not overlook opportunities for sledding on the hill which is located on the resort. For those who enjoy ice-skating, there is a rink right on our property.